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Here are some blogs to help you gain an insight into the Ring O' Fire and what its runners went through.

Helen Wyatt - Ring O' Fire 2022

Helen Wyatt 202

To go back again was partly to prove to myself that I could complete the course but also to test and conquer challenges I hadn’t appreciated or considered. But it’s more than that. I have such a pull back to the island and I do not yet understand why, and still I am not able to put this feeling into words. It’s stunningly beautiful but there’s much more to it. This sounds incredibly lame but it has a warmth that feels like home.

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Anthony Stagg - Ring O' Fire 2021

Anthony Stagg 50

In this podcast episode we talk about Anthony's running of the very excellent Ring O' Fire 3 day stage race around the Isle of Anglesey.

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Fiona Lynch - Fastest Lady - Ring O' Fire 2019

Kim Cavill 012 - RoF 2019 Fastest Lady

Nearly two weeks on, I am starting to recall this race with some fondness, even though at the time, it was not the most fun ever. The Ring O’ Fire came onto my radar a couple of years ago as a possible way to bag some UTMB points in a way that didn’t involve international travel and/or running over 100 miles in a oner. I thought it would be an easier option to get me into the Big One... hmmm.

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John Kynaston - Ring O' Fire 2018

John Kynaston 256

This race has been on my bucket list for a number of years for a variety of reasons. I grew up in Liverpool and we often went to Anglesey on holiday. In fact my Dad’s cricket team had a yearly Whit tour to North Wales and one of the games was at Trearddur Bay on the island.

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Fiona Lynch - Ring O' Fire 2017

Matt Sanderson 204

Ring O' Fire Ultra Marathon – 135 miles of very mixed terrain going the whole way around Anglesey's Coastal Path across a 51.5 hour period. Having done the first 35 miles last year as the ‘Firelighter’ Ultra, I felt capable of achieving this with the right training, planning, mentality and a bit of good luck. What follows is the story of how close I came, and how success is not always a finish line.

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Fiona Lynch - Ring O' Fire 2017

Fiona Lynch 012

Some races and events begin long before you shuffle to the start line, before the training plans are formed, before the entry fee is paid. Such was the case for my 'A' race this year the Ring o' Fire in Anglesey. I figured I had 10 months to get ready for it and started to plan the year with it in mind.


Will Lloyd - Ring O' Fire 2016

Will Lloyd 084 - RoF 2016 Winner

An honest account of the younger runner sparring with the more senior, wiser and more experienced runners setting out the challenge of race leading and navigating. Will, guided by a solid support crew, not only survived at the front of the pack over all three days, but pulled off a tough, challenging and well deserved WIN of the 2016 Ring O' Fire 135 Mile Coastal Ultra Marathon.

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Andrew Williams - Ring O' Fire 2016

Andrew Williams 011

A great write up from Andrew Williams who finished in 3rd place in RoF 2016. "The sounds of people cheering and Johnny Cash singing was the most incredible thing I've ever heard. I had finally done it. I had finally buried a 12 month demon. I had conquered The Ring of Fire."

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Nick Wishart - Ring O' Fire 2015

Nick Wishart 010

Motivation is everything. When you want something this much, then you surely will prevail. Well, after 3 days spent running 135 miles, I have proven to myself beyond doubt if there ever were any, that the mind rules the body and your legs will go where you direct them. This could be a long race report and so I feel that I need to set the context.

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Alan Pepper - Ring O' Fire 2014

Alan Pepper 003

Sunshine at last! But I was heading for Anglesey and having visited the place many time before knew exactly what the weather could deliver. I'd been looking for something to aim for after MdS and the 'Ring O Fire' Ultra seemed to be shouting out to me. A multi-day race with 135 miles of distance to cover, what could possibly go wrong? It seemed perfect...

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Garry Vernon - Ring O' Fire 2014

Garry Vernon 052

I plead guilty to underestimating this one. Having completed the Hardmoors 110 and the Lakeland 100 this year 135 miles over 3 days (3 whole days) seemed do-able. First mistake for me was the timing of it just 5 weeks after a very gruelling Lakeland 100, my feet had suffered and had not recovered (more later). Nor, it would turn out, had the body...

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Mike Gibson - Ring O' Fire 2014

Mike Gibson 091

3 Day Ultra Marathon - covering 135 Miles around Anglesey - Mike Gibson doing the running and Chris Gibson doing the filming :) and providing encouragement to this brother !!!!

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Rick Ashton - Winner - Ring O' Fire 2013

Rick Ashton 004 - RoF Winner 2013

The race is done over 3 days and in total there is 13,695 feet of ascent. After having a strong race at the Montane Lakeland 50 I was hoping to go one better at the RoF and win the race. It had taken over my mind, in the weeks running up to the race, all I could picture was running into the finish line on the final day to win the race and I couldn't get the thought out of my head.

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Arry Beresford-Webb - Ring O' Fire 2013

Arry Beresford-Webb 008

It's two weeks since an epic and brutal Ultramarathon was held on a beautiful Isle! Unfortunately for me, it didn't have the outcome I'd hoped for, but I'm going to tell you all about it from a clumsy dragon's perspective!

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Anna Buckingham - Ring O' Fire 2013

Anna Buckingham 014

Another weekend, another adventure in the hills. This time in the form of a multi stage ultra marathon, called "The Ring O' Fire" - the name stands out for itself! I was lucky enough to get a late entry to this event 3 weeks before the event.

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Tom Payn - Winner - Ring O' Fire 2012

Tom Payn 085 - Winner 2012

I have now recovered enough to give a little description of the toughest and some of the best running of my life in my first ultra-marathon, the Ring O' Fire.

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Stuart Mills - Ring O' Fire 2012

Stuart Mills 052

At the start of the year, I came across this new event to the UK race calendar named the Ring O Fire. Being a three day ultra trail race consisting of daily milages of 32, 64 and 35 miles, the race had a strong appeal for two reasons...

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Stuart Mills - Ring O' Fire 2012

Richard Webster 071

The race started in Holyhead and the first day was to Amlwch were we would stay overnight on the town hall floor our bags being transferred there by the organisers . The first day was a part of the island I was familiar with and I new it would be a fairly tough one with one water crossing getting feet wet very early.

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Mark Johnston - Ring O' Fire 2012

Mark Johnston 049

Its a few days since I completed the race. Physically and mentally I've not been up to recording my thoughts or feelings any sooner. As you'd expect everyone is asking me how it went and to be frank, I'm still not that sure...

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Holly and Rachel - Ring O' Fire 2012

Holly 034 and Rachel 065

This blog post is being written from the inflatable bed where I have taken up residence since attempting the "epic foot race" that is the Ring of Fire. As I write Rachel is shuffling about trying not to stay still long enough to seize up, but we'll have more of that later... let's start at the beginning...

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Jenn Gaskell - Ring O' Fire 2012

Jenn Gaskell 041

I'm like a kid in a sweet shop when it comes to racing; I want to bag them all! I already had perfectly good plans for the weekend but when I saw a last-minute place going on the Ring O' Fire, I was right there!

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