Kit List

This kit list is based on our knowledge and experience. You should decide what is most appropriate for your needs and plan accordingly. Come very prepared and take note of the weather conditions closer to the time. You may well face cold wet weather and the wind can blow hard. You should have appropriate kit which allows you to operate safely in all weather conditions.

Discount for signed-up runners

Signed-up runners are entitled to some great discounts on kit and food from the following companies. The discount codes are detailed in the email you receive at the point of registration.

Up to 20% discount on the Fabric Harvey Map of Anglesey at Splash Maps
Up to 20% discount on the Harvey Anglesey Coastal Path XT40 map at Harvey Maps
Up to 15% discount on Expedition Foods meals

Mandatory kit - to be carried at all times

Mobile phone (fully charged at start of race and switched on).
Survival blanket.
Head torch with spare batteries or capacity to last the race duration.
Water bottle / bladder/ hydration system*.
* To minimise littering / reduce our environmental impact, the event is cupless. You should bring a cup with you or fill your water bottle / bladder/ hydration system at each check point.

Recommended kit

Recommended personal First Aid kit - see details below
Compass - not an electronic version /on phone
GPS navigation device
Issued map pack of route/OS maps - hard copy / waterproofed.
The following maps are recommended and have good detail:
OS Explorer Maps Anglesey West 262 (1:25,000)
OS Explorer Maps Anglesey East 263 (1:25,000)
Harvey Map XT40 Anglesey Coastal Path (Scale: 1:40,000) RoF discount available - see sign up email
Trail running shoes
Back up light source
Cup - see comment above
Waterproof jacket - high visibility recommended
Socks (3 pairs)
Long running tights or shorts
Running top
Extra clothing layers, to stay warm during the evening and night running
Sun cream
Needle and thread
Bandana or buff
Food (e.g. energy/cereal bars, chocolate, fruit and nuts)

Kit list if staying overnight

Sleeping bag
Roll matt / inflatable mattress
Spare change of clothes (including comfy shoes, flip flops/crocs)
Travel pillow
Eye mask
Ear plugs
Wash Bag and towel
Food (breakfast and dinner for the two nights)

Recommended personal First Aid kit

Adhesive elastic bands for a bandage or a strapping (100cm x 6cm)
Plasters and/or tape
Blister treatment/plasters
Alcohol hand gel (for clean hands as well as cleaning small wounds)
Pain killers
Rehydration sachets

Bag Transport

Your bags will be transported from the start point to the finish point each day.

Ring O' Fire

We'll transport two bags for you: your main bag for the end of each day and an additional small 'halfway' bag on Day 2 only, which will be accessible at the halfway point (Beaumaris).

Day Bag drop-off point Bag collection point
1 Holyhead Breakwater Country Park Amlwch Leisure Centre
2 Amlwch Leisure Centre Aberffraw Village Hall (main bag)
Your 'halfway' bag will be available at halfway point (CP8 Beaumaris) until 15:00, then transported to Aberffraw Village Hall
3 Aberffraw Village Hall Holyhead Breakwater Country Park


We'll transport your main bag to finish point at Amlwch. There is no access to your bags during the race so carry what you need whilst running.

Day Bag drop-off point Bag collection point
1 Holyhead Breakwater Country Park Amlwch Leisure Centre

Recommended bag sizes

please don't turn up with the kitchen sink!

Ring O' Fire and Firelighter
Your main bag should be no bigger than a 60 litre rucksack.
Dimensions: 74cm (Height) x 34cm (Width) x 20cm (Depth)

Ring O' Fire only
Your day 2 'halfway' bag should be no bigger than a 20 litre rucksack.
Dimensions: 50cm (Height) x 26cm (Width) x 20cm (Depth)

Waterproof and durable bags are recommended please!

Bag Drop Locations

Breakwater Country Park
LL65 1YG
Amlwch Leisure Centre
LL68 9TH
Aberffraw Village Hall
52 Church Street
LL63 5LQ

What do people say about us?

"My very 1st ultra and the only time in my life I've gone over a marathon distance. To say I'm overjoyed not only to complete but to finish highly is a understatement."
Past Ring O' Fire finisher