Results for the Ring O' Fire 2012

Top three overall

Tom Payn
1st place overall
21 hrs 54 mins
Richard Webster
2nd place overall
24 hrs 52 mins
Richard Heath
3rd place overall
26 hrs 59 mins

Winner - Ring O' Fire 2012 - Tom Payn

Winner - Ring O' Fire 2012 - Tom Payn

Congratulations to all of you!

A BIG thanks again to all the runners, marshals, friends, family and supporters. The guys from Bangor University, Liz the Masseuse, Jim our DJ at the start line, Will from Breakwater Park who led you out on the first leg. You all made this weekend and without you and your pioneering spirits and sense of adventure it would not have happened.

We had 100 runners sign up to Ring O' Fire, but only 63 made the start line. Of those 63 who stepped up to the challenge, only 28 of the toughest men and women made the finishing line. The stats speak for themselves and the Ring O' Fire has certainly lived up to its reputation as one tough, bad ass, mother of a race!

Well done to all of you...

Ring O' Fire Results 2012

Position Runner
First Name Last Name TOTAL RACE TIME
185Tom Payn21:54
271Richard Webster24:52
370Richard Heath26:59
432Graham Watson27:01
576Stephen Dunbar28:43
666Riccardo Giussani28:58
750Mark Lynch29:05
844Jon Naylor29:17
958Paul Wathan29:36
1054Oliver Gaillemin30:18
117Anthony Hall30:28
1256Paul Minns31:52
1257Paul Shields31:52
1445Justin Eveleigh32:44
1522Ed Stevenson32:54
1620Daniel Conquist32:57
1787Alun Lewis33:25
1819Colin Barnes33:59
1823Elisabet Frankenberg33:59
2026Gareth Perrin35:32
212Alan Gilchrist36:24
2149Mark Johnston36:24
2386Yin-Hai Cheung36:43
2441Jenn Gaskell36:55
2517Chris Field37:00
268Anthony Hayes37:11
2710Barry Miller37:29
286Angus Reid38:07

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What do people say about us?

"What would I change??? Absolutely nothing.... Not even women's categories, people make a fuss but I'm with you, should have run a harder!"
Past Ring O' Fire finisher